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Case Study - Hitachi in Brazil


Trensurb - Hitachi Case Study Challenge

Trensurb’s Challenge

Trensurb was established in 1980´s to provide safe, efficient transportation between four cities in a region key to Brazil’s economic development. The rail system would provide the primary mode of transportation for thousands of people who needed to commute between these four cities for their livelihood. The railway system needed to be comprised of various trains that would operate simultaneously along the same line. The inherent mutual dependence of the all trains in the system necessitated that all of the trains operate efficiently and without mechanical issues since a problem with one train would negatively impact the operation of the entire system. The other challenge was that the system needed to be operational as quickly as possible. Hitachi was selected to provide the trains for this railway system.

Marco Arildo - President-Director Trensurb Message from Marco Arildo - President-Director Trensurb

The Mission - Trensurb Case Study

Trensurb’s goals for its railway system trains included:

  • Procuring well-built, high quality trains that could accommodate significant use and passenger volume with the highest possible level of safety.
  • Purchasing trains that were well built and required minimal maintenance and repairs.
  • Making a capital investment in trains that had the durability to withstand near nonstop operation for a significant length of time.