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Case Study - Hitachi in Brazil


Trensurb - Hitachi Case Study Result

Results & Benefits

The success of the Trensurb railway project has had a positive impact on not just the people who directly benefited from the improved transportation on this corridor but society as a whole. Access to reliable, safe transportation enabled thousands of people to commute to work and took traffic off immensely over-crowded highways. The reduction in highway traffic and congestion was a factor in reducing the number of accidents on the roads. Fossil fuel emissions were also reduced as more people utilized which relies on electrical energy. As a result air quality in the area improved due to the reduction in pollution.

According to Trensurb President Marco Arildo, the success of the railway system also had a direct positive impact on other related, complimentary infrastructure services in this area. He observed that the installation of the system not only involved construction of the railway, but it also led to other improvements including redesigning roads, better sanitation, the installation of more public lighting, greater safety for both pedestrians and motorists to name a few.

Results & Benefits - Hitachi Case Study

The success of this project has resulted in:

  • Trensurb has consolidated its position as a leading provider of mass transit services.
  • Trensurb is credited with improving the social and economic welfare of the region it serves.
  • Trensurb has become a major employer in the area.
  • Trensurb has been able to successfully provide a safe, reliable and efficient means of public transportation services.
  • Trensurb has contributed to the environment in the region it serves by reducing fossil fuel emissions and improving air quality.

*Source: Trensurb

Marco Arildo - President-Director Trensurb Message from Marco Arildo - President-Director Trensurb

Trensurb Profile

About Trensurb

Empresa de Trens Urbanos de Porto Alegre S.A. - Trensurb - is a company of mixed capital, attached to Ministério das Cidades, Federal Government, and has its stocks held by Brazil Federal Government (99,21%), Rio Grande do Sul State (0,61%) and the Municipality of Porto Alegre (0,17%). It was created in1980 and initiated operations in 1985.

Today, it operates a line of urban trains with 33.8km of extension, in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre, and services five municipalities: Porto Alegre, Canoas, Esteio, Sapucaia do Sul e São Leopoldo.

*Source: Trensurb (opens in a new window)

Hitachi Transportation Systems Profile

Hitachi Transportation Systems is a Hitachi Group Company in the transportation sector that has, since 1920, offered solutions in rail transportation including high technology trains and automated control systems.

Company Profile / Office

Company Profile
Hitachi Brasil Ltda.
Adress Av. Paulista, 854 - 11 Floor, cj. 111. CEP 01310-913. São Paulo - SP. Brasil
Phone +55 11 3284 0922
Fax +55 11 3284 0922 Extension 117

Hitachi in Brazil

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