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Case Study - Hitachi in Brazil


Sabesp - Hitachi Case Study Result

Results & Benefits

The Cantarieira System is still functioning at peak performance levels. Every second, 33 thousand liters of water pass through the Hitachi pumps. Today, the Cantariera System supplies water to 8.8 million people in 39 cities in the São Paulo metropolitan area. 47% of the water supplied by Sabesp comes from this single system. Hitachi played a critical and pivotal role in helping Sabesp accomplish its objective and improve the health, welfare and quality of life for the people living in one of the largest metropolitan regions in the world.

Additionally, the project has had benefits that extended beyond the initial challenge presented. As a result of the development of the Cantareira Complex, the government of Brazil adopted concrete guidelines and policies for development that are designed to protect the ecological equilibrium of the region.

Results & Benefits - Hitachi Case Study

The results of this project:

  • Provided clean, treated water to the 8.8 million people who live in the Greater São Paulo area.
  • Environmental measures were instituted to aid in the recovery of water sources.
  • Reforestation programs were instituted.
  • Environmental education programs were launched.

*Source: Sabesp

About Sabesp Carlos Roberto Dardis - Division Manager of Water Resources Metropolitan North

Sabesp Profile


Sabesp is a company of mixed capital, responsible for providing water, and collecting and treating sewage of 364 cities in São Paulo State.
Sabesp serves more than 26.7 million people, which is almost twice the population of Belgium.

*Source: Sabesp (opens in a new window)

About Hitachi Plant Technologies

Hitachi Plant Technologies is commited to providing solutions since 1929 for infrastructure, using its technology focused on energy efficiency and environmental preservation. Are complete solutions for the areas of social and industrial infrastructure, air-conditioning and power systems.

Company Profile / Office

Company Profile
Hitachi Brasil Ltda.
Adress Av. Paulista, 854 - 11 Floor, cj. 111. CEP 01310-913. São Paulo - SP. Brasil
Phone +55 11 3284 0922
Fax +55 11 3284 0922 Extension 117

Hitachi in Brazil

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