Population of Avaré and neighboring cities gain more accuracy in image medical diagnoses.

Despite all the services offered, the Santa Casa of Avaré did not have yet an Image Diagnosis Unit (IDU). As the city's and neighboring population's grew, the demand for such exams has increased. This prompted the hospital to build an IDU and the search for a partner able to offer the best quality of imaging for the new exams became mandatory.


To assist as many patients as possible with agility, accuracy and high quality of imaging.


Exceeded the expectation of 66 exams per month, and the hospital delivered 200 exams in only 2 months.

New Sector of Image Diagnosis was fundamental for the hospital to expand operations, providing accurate diagnoses and effective care.

Hitachi Medical Systems was judiciously selected to provide the magnetic resonance device to the hospital's new IDU.

Santa Casa de Misericórdia of Avaré is a hospital of vital importance for Avaré and area. With 168 beds and 104 years of history, the hospital has achieved level 8 in hospital ranking – the highest a healthcare organization can reach.

Santa Casa performs high complexity procedures such as heart, stomach disease care; plastic, vascular, neurologic surgeries among others, supporting the Unified Health System (UHS) and becoming a reference of quality in its area.

Despite all the services offered, the Santa Casa of Avaré did not have yet an Image Diagnosis Unit (IDU). As the city and the population expanded, the demand for such services has increased exponentially. This prompted Santa Casa to open an IDU, enabling to detect diseases more accurately and offer more effective care, both to local population and to neighboring cities'.

Avaré and neighboring municipalities.
This video: Dr. Ronaldo Abdala explains about the importance of the resonance device to the population. (1:17)

For its technical accuracy, reliability, quality and advanced technology, Hitachi Medical Systems was the company judiciously selected to provide the hospital's new diagnosis sector with the magnetic resonance device.

This study was based on an interview with Dr. Ronaldo Abdala, radiologist and director of the Image Diagnosis Unit of Santa Casa de Avaré.