IDU needed to supply the demand of Avaré and neighboring cities.

In this video: Dr. Ronaldo Abdala talks about the challenges Santa Casa of Avaré used to face before the opening of the resonance magnetic wing. (1:18)

That challenge urged a search for agile, reliable devices with low maintenance needs.

Before the opening of the magnetic resonance wing, the population of Avaré and area had to travel over 120 km to take image diagnosis exams. This would risk the patients' health as they were transported in mobile ICUs, suffering with the lack of comfort and safety.

To fill this gap with maximum effectiveness, Santa Casa's new IDU required high quality, reliable, energy-efficient devices with low maintenance, able to rapidly assist as many patients as possible while providing high resolution images to optimize the medical diagnosis.

All these needs were soon shared with Hitachi Medical Systems Brazil which presented a solution that exceeded the expectations of Santa Casa de Avaré.