AIRIS II, by Hitachi Medical Systems, has satisfied all the needs of Santa Casa's IDU.

Santa Casa of Avaré was presented to AIRIS II, an open magnetic resonance device featuring low magnetic field and panoramic design provided by Hitachi Medical Systems Brazil.

For its high quality imaging, AIRIS II simplifies the diagnoses of complex cases and much more accurate results. In addition, the equipment requires no cooling or a special room to be accommodated.

The solution sounded perfect for the hospital's needs and was soon adopted to equip the new IDU of Santa Casa de Avaré.

Device provides exams with full capability, agility and high dependability.

Despite being a low magnetic field device, AIRIS II has high amplitude gradients, enabling it to perform exams within 30 to 40 minutes. This is a big advantage in comparison to similar machines as it offers the hospital the differential of performing much more exams in less time.

AIRIS II is easy-to-handle, adding to the operator's agility and a rapid exam completion. The space required for its installation is no larger than 30m². It does not require a cooling room once its magnet is permanent allowing for an extremely reduced maintenance cost.

In this video: demonstration of the use and easiness of handling of AIRIS II

Versatility to perform a wide variety of types of medical diagnoses.

AIRIS II is a complete magnetic resonance device. It can perform exams for bone, spinal cord, muscular and heart conditions (as angiography) and contrast-free abdominal exams, among others.

Friendly to companions, elderly people, children and disabled people.

As an open field equipment, AIRIS II is very resistant and much safer to disabled people. It also allows the presence of companions, simplifying the examination in children and elderly people.

Its table features electronic movement in three directions which allows an increased comfort to patients with motor disabilities.

Learn AIRIS II major features and specifications:

  • 0,3T vertical magnetic field;
  • 42 cm gap;
  • 270 grade front view;
  • Electronic table with movements in three directions;
  • Image at isocente;
  • Low maintenance cost;
  • 15 mT/m gradient and 30T/m/s slew rate.