The institute needed an efficient, eco-friendly solution to climatize the spaces of its new unit.

To climatize SESC Belenzinho's facilities, it was required a smart project to meet all the institute's needs while regarding sustainability, energy efficiency and low maintenance cost.


To meet the climatization-specific needs of each storey, with affordable costs, quality and respect to environment.


A sustainable leisure space offering quality of life for all visitors.

Contributing to the creation of sustainable, cost- and energy-efficient buildings.

SESC (Social Service of Commerce) was founded in 1946 upon a solid cultural and educational project, as an effort of commerce and service business community.

Every year, the institute expands its units and new facilities are built all over Brazil intended to create new sustainable, cost-efficient, energy-efficient and low maintenance buildings in addition to providing social activities.

In the city of São Paulo, the institute has 32 units and the newest is located in the neighborhood of Belenzinho, a building with 30,000m², built area, the largest of all its facilities.

SESC Belenzinho hosts over 15,000 people for leisure and sports activities, dental care, and cultural events, among others.

For this new building, SESC needed a solution to meet its climatization requirements including sustainability, energy efficiency and low maintenance cost.

SESC Belenzinho Unit