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Case Study - Hitachi in Brazil


Trensurb - Hitachi Case Study Solution

Hitachi’s Solution

The Trensurb railway system began operating in 1985. The 17 trains supplied by Hitachi were a key component in the implementation of the railway system and continue to be an integral part of the service it is providing. The Trensurb provides train service from 5 am to 11:20 pm and enables thousands of people to commute between four cities that previously were only accessible by the road. During their many years in operation, the trains have:

  • Run efficiently and with an excellent track record in quality, performance and safety.
  • Benefited Trensurb by supporting its mission of providing its passengers with a reliable, efficient and safe mode of public transportation.

For over 25 years, Trensurb has provided safe, reliable, efficient mass transit services due in large part to the quality of the Hitachi trains they are running.

Message from Marco Arildo - President-Director Trensurb Marco Arildo - President-Director Trensurb